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Aloha Feels 72% WITH CACAO NIBS

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Aloha Feels unique flavor can be traced all the way back to the loving care for the trees and careful processing of the beans.  The bars are processed by Dylan Butterbaugh, a passionate and experienced chocolate maker in Kailua.  

Owned by Aloha Feels LLC


Cacao and cacao nibs, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic cacao butter

*made in a facility that processes milk and nuts (no peanuts)


The flavor notes of this bar makes us feel focused and determined. The combination of chocolate and cacao nibs wakes up our senses, and gets us into action. A combination of crunchy dark nibs and fruity taste with notes of butterscotch, this bar melts with a smooth, mellow mouth feel.


”Each step of making chocolate is an art. It all starts at the farm.  Alan is a true Big Island farmer; he is dedicated to loving the land and is a loyal member of the Aloha Feels team. He was born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii, and has many years of experience in the tropical fruits of Hawaii.  Alan has formal experiences with other cacao farms on the island. We are grateful to have his caring hands of Aloha for our cacao farm.

Colin Hart, our supervisor, is a seasoned cacao farmer and former researcher at the University of Hawaii.  He focused on improving post-harvest practices, including fermentation and drying.

Kazemaru, the concept creator, focuses of the state of cacao farming to keep chocolate delicious while ethical.

”Our cacao beans are grown in a heavenly environment on the lush Hamakua coast on the Island of Hawaii.  Nourished in the rainforest by rich, volcanic soil, balmy winds, gentle sun and clean water from snowy mountains, Hawaii is the only location in the US with a climate suitable for growing cacao.”

Made with cacao beans from the farm of Kazemaru on the Hilo side fo the Big Island of Hawaii on her home estate.


See Seek’s YouTube episode featuring Kazemaru with Aloha Feels on her estate cacao farm (CLICK LINK BELOW)


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