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River-Sea Chocolate CHERRY BLOSSOM DARK 65%

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Made in Chantilly, Virginia, USA

Made by River-Sea Chocolate in Chantilly, Virginia USA


 Cacao beans, organic cane sugar, cacao butter, organic Acerola cherry, extract blend (rose, cherry, jasmine, vanilla)


Cacao origin: Brazil

”One could spend a lifetime searching for the perfect cherry blossom and it would not be a wasted life. With this seasonal offering, join us in obsessing over delicate beauty and in reverence for the fleeting precious moments. This dark chocolate uses 65% wild Brazilian cacao, and organic acerola cherries, which are rich in vitamin C. We created delicate cherry blossom flavor by mixing a special blend of pure extracts including rose, jasmine, vanilla, black and white cherries.”



“heard about a family friend's farm in the fertile delta and traveled there to see about opportunities to purchase cacao. In Brazil, a phone call is never good enough to make a deal, you need a face-to-face encounter to get any type of information. The drive took hours through traffic, over bridges, potholes, dirt roads, past a Japanese settlement community, and to the farm with papaya, black pepper, cacao, and cumin growing. While touring the farm they learned it had been robbed twice at gun point, this greatly traumatized the owners, and shows the challenges of being successful in a country with corruption and violence. 

They bought 10 kilos of cacao beans and stopped for lunch at the equivalent of a trucker roadside restaurant - except in the jungle with monkey noises, and that served deep purple bowls of açaí with fried fish and tapioca. On the way back they almost hit a sloth crossing the road. It was rush hour and vehicles drive 120km/hour or crazy fast down paved roads. They stopped to help him make it safely to the other side. It is not uncommon for these guys to get run over, people say the result of diminishing habitat due to logging and the slash and burn agriculture. The sloth was so happy about it that he asked for a selfie.

These types of social and environmental distresses coat the otherwise beautiful culture Brazil has become.  But craft chocolate is an eco-friendly force for social change that can improve the lives of people in the region while turning them away from the need to destroy forest.  Stories of bean-to-bar and tree-to-bar social and environmental impact victories in regions like Peru, Tanzania, Grenada, and Vietnam demonstrate the power of empowerment through chocolate.  Read more about River-Sea's sustainability and social impact practices here.

Once returning to The States, and with the encouragement of the kids, friends, and family; Krissee and Mariano started making bean-to-bar craft chocolate in a small, shared kitchen in Sterling, VA. Their neighbors call Mariano "Willy Wonka" and their kitchen is therefore named the Chocolate Factory.  Coco the Sloth became the official mascot.”


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