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2024 NEW 20/20 Chocolate Piaroa 72% (Amazon - Venezuela) Dark Organic Chocolate Bar

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This brand new bar is carefully crafted with beans that come from the Amazon Rainforest region of Venezuela. The beans are grown and harvested by the "Piaroa" indigenous tribes in a very remote area. To get to this bar, the beans have to make a long journey from the interior of the country being transported in canoes, rural vehicles, and trucks. The tasting notes are: red fruits, flowers, bitterness, and a slight nuttiness. 

Ingredients: Cacao and cane sugar.

We have 3 farms in Venezuela. Where we do and handle all the harvest and post harvesting processes. Aside from that, we offer tours for local tourist on weekends where they can learn more about cacao/chocolate and this history of it in our country. One of our farms (@lacocorotacacao) also counts with about 8 rooms for guests to stay overnight. It is a very relaxing experience and you get to be around the plantation. We also serve food and some special cacao inspired recipes. Feel free to check that account to see a bit more about it!

And aside from that, we work with many other small producers in the country (we only use beans from Venezuela). We like to have a variety of origins from our country that allow us to showcase different flavors and tell different stories


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