Chocolate is delicious, ENJOY ETHICAL CHOCOLATE

At Seek Chocolate Shop, we SEEK the most delicious chocolate from chocolate makers around the globe. We SEEK out chocolate that EMPOWERS cacao farmers. So enjoy chocolate that is both delicious and empowering! We are also learning to make bean to bar chocolate also, from cacao beans sourced directly from farmers we have met and maintain a face to face relationship with. Any purchase from Seek Chocolate Shop helps empower cacao farmers.  Thank you for supporting this beautiful cause, while enjoying the world’s best chocolate from companies who care about sourcing AND quality! Our chocolate subscriptions are available monthly, bimonthly, or even quarterly.  A subscription is an ongoing way to look forward to consistent yummy chocolate deliveries AND to empower cacao farmers! 

For a custom gift packages or custom subscriptions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you! 

Thanks for your support of this small business!