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2024 EASTER & SPRING COLLECTION Pump Street Chocolate Chicken & Eggs: Dark Milk, Ecuador & Madagascar

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Made in Suffolk, England

“A beautifully illustrated box filled with our signature single origin chocolate in the form of a hollow chicken and foiled eggs. These boxes make the perfect alternative to a traditional Easter egg. 

Inside this box you will find one hot cross bun chocolate chicken and four charming foiled eggs. These chocolate eggs are made up of two exquisite milk chocolates; pink-foiled Madagascar Milk 58%, with hints of red fruits and caramel and blue-foiled Ecuador Dark Milk 60% tastes of nuts, toffee and double cream.

The packaging has been specially designed to celebrate the best of spring but also be respectful to our planet; the outer box is full recyclable, as is the foil, and the compostable bag can be placed in your food waste.”




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