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Eleventeen 77% Dark Chocolate with Peanut Butter, Vietnam, Dak Lak

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Made in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada by Rebekah 

Take your taste buds on a journey and let the flavors guide you!


Wild Bolivian cacao beans, Canadian whole milk powder, Ecuadorian cacao butter, sugar

The Eleventeen Craft Chocolate Story, in Rebekah’s own words:

“Back in January of 2022 I lost my job.
I needed to find a source of income that I could do from home.
I started out making soap. But quickly realized that there were a lot of people doing it.

Then I stumbled onto articles about bean to bar chocolate. After researching I realized there was nobody in my area who was actually making their own chocolate.
So in the spring I had my first refiner and markets were booked.

Ifelt an instant connection to the cocoa beans and began searching for GREAT ethically sourced beans.

I discovered Cocoa Supply out of New York and after trying the Ecuadorian cocoa butter and beans, I knew I found my single origin! They have also been providing me with wild Bolivian beans- which seriously make the creamiest and most delicious milk chocolate. The Jaguar beans also come from cocoa supply. 

I have also been getting beans from MABCO here in Canada. They supply my Vietnamese Dak Lak beans. These beans have a citrus flavour profile that is insanely good. I am also getting my Nicaraguan beans from MABCO.

I have a very deep love for cacao and the people who farm it and ferment and nurture it. So that we can make such a beautiful and tasty product.

Running 3 small melangers, all beans are hand sorted, roasted in micro batches to ensure optimal flavour from each bean. They are the crushed and winnowed! We then add them to the melanger with cocoa butter & sugar. Milk powder for milk chocolate and without. In 72 hours we have a silky smooth batch of chocolate. It is poured into a lashed pan to make a slab, then melted and tempered when we are ready to use it.
I hand temper all of the chocolate
(Not great for the Arthritis). But you will never hear me complain. I spend up to 10 hours some days getting lost in the chocolate.”


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