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Harvest Craft Chocolate Hazelnut milk chocolate, vegan

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Introducing our Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar: a harmonious blend of creamy milk chocolate thoughtfully blended with Midwest grown Hazelnuts!

Crafted in small batches, this artisanal bar showcases the essence of rich, bean-to-bar chocolate infused with the unique character of locally-sourced native hazelnuts. Our commitment to using simple, organic ingredients shines through in every bite, offering a luxurious treat that is the perfect blend of flavors, creating an irresistible, nutty sweetness that you'll want to savor again and again. 

Midwest-grown hazelnuts in chocolate?

Dive into the unique experience of our Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar. Unlike typical hazelnuts you might find in mainstream products, ours boast a distinct Midwest flair. They're smaller, undeniably sweeter, and loaded with flavor that can only come from our region. Thoughtfully blended into our creamy milk chocolate, the result is a delicately balanced treat that echoes our commitment to local sourcing and quality. Beyond its delightful taste, this bar underscores our dual passion: celebrating the flavors of the Midwest while nurturing the environment. Enjoy a taste that's vegan, gluten-free, and unmistakably Harvest Chocolate.

Grab yours & taste the Midwest magic! 

Midwest grown hazelnuts: learn more here!

INGREDIENTS: organic cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, midwest hazelnuts, organic cocoa beans.

SIZE: 50 grams / 1.7 ounces

CONTAINS: Hazelnuts



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