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Harvest Craft Chocolate Vanilla bean sea salt vegan bar

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Vanilla bean, sea salt, and milk chocolate - classic, simple, and elegant. Where time stops with each melting bite, and the combination of sweet and salty is forever timeless. Escape the moment and indulge. 

Oat milk chocolate with Madagascar vanilla beans and Maldon sea salt.

INGREDIENTS: organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, gluten-free oats, organic cocoa beans, Madagascar vanilla beans, sea salt.

SIZE: 50 grams / 1.7 ounces



From Harvest:

All good chocolate starts with the farmer.

We believe Farmer prosperity is a key ingredient in good chocolate, which is why sourcing and building strong relationships is a critical component in the chocolate making process. We've travelled to the farms where our cacao comes from, walked the fields where the cacao grows, and tasted the beautiful crops that grow along-side the cacao we source. Before there is a chocolate maker, there is a farmer, a terroir within the country where the cacao grows, and a farmer relationship to build strong. 

Where our cacao grows naturally.

The cacao beans we source are grown along the farmlands outside of Upala Costa Rica, by the Cayapas River in Ecuador, along the pristine Lake Lachuá of Guatemala, the northern shores of Haiti, and the only organic and fair trade-certified cacao-co-operative in Ghana, and produce from local farmer’s markets.

Cacao has different flavors based on its geographic location. Haitian cacao has subtle fruity notes, while chocolate from Ghana has a deep, bold chocolate profile. We source a variety of cacao beans, each with a story, flavors across the spectrum that complement each other and can stand on their own.


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