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2024 SPRING COLLECTION The Organic House Lavender & Maple, Vegan & gluten free & naturally sweetened, 70% Philippines Bon Bulak

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Made in Burlington, Ontario, Canada by DeAnn and Ann, mother and daughter chocolate makers

Award winning chocolate bar!

Lavender Maple - Philippines Bon Bulak 70%

“Hello Show Stopper!!!

This one has stolen the mic ladies and gentlemen! It's earthy notes paired with this beautiful culinary lavender is outstanding! You get a sweet hint of maple. You will not be disappointed with this bar. Put all your expectation about lavender to the side, don't be scared, seriously this one is about to blow your mind!

Amazing starter bar for anyone new to the bean to bar scene. This is a mellow, earthy bean with no trace of bitter or acidic.”

Organic Ingredients:  70% Philippines Bon Bulak beans, Ontario Maple Sugar, Peru cacao butter, culinary lavender 

Tasting Notes: Porcini, sage, lilac, petit verdot. Mellow earthy notes, sweet hint of Maple, with a smooth lavender finish

70 Gram bar - in completely compostable packaging.

This bar brings home the following awards: 

Silver - America's International Chocolate Awards 2023

Silver - World's International Chocolate Awards 2023


Kablon Farms is a 70-hectare bio diversified, sustainable farm (3 locations within a 10 km radius) in South Cotabato, in Davao, Philippines. 

Kablon Farms is paving the way for specialty, high quality cacao for the Philippines to change the low-price dynamics that are seen across the country.

The Philippines has a long history of cacao farming; the crop was introduced in the 1700s when a Spanish colonist brought seedlings over to the islands from Mexico

The Organic House Story, in their words:

“Deliciously good chocolate.

We specialize in Handcrafted Chocolates, Confections and Couverture/Callets that are Organic, Vegan, Dairy/Gluten Free, Clean Eating, Ethically Sourced/Direct Trade and Traceable. 

All of our beans are directly traded and traceable back to the farms they come from.  

Every Item we make is Organic, Vegan, Gluten/Dairy Free and Ethically Sourced/Direct Trade.

While our chocolate is vegan - you would never know it

Our packaging is sustainable and eco friendly.

Our family has been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. Our cooking secrets were taught to us by some of the world's best chefs. We can't hide our love for food and sweets, this is apparent in everything we create. 

Ann and Deanna, the mother daughter duo are certainly an interesting pair. These two are strong willed, powerhouse entrepreneur women that plan to change the way we eat sweet treats. Healthy sweet treats that is!

Cooking from scratch and creating new recipes is our absolute favorite. Our recipes are unique and full of natural flavors. We love being able to provide amazing products to the people of our community. Knowing where our product comes from and how it is sourced is our number one priority. 

Clean Eating, Organic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Vegan are the future of our food industry. The world has changed so much in the last decade, we must change with it. Many people have allergies, many people have intolerances, many people want to "do" better with our world, and this is why we created The Organic House. A place where people can buy locally sourced products that are free from GMO's, Artificial flavorings/ingredients and are 100% Organic and Natural.

We want our customers to know what they are eating and we want to be able to eat it too!! 

Locally handcrafted in small batches to ensure amazing quality. 

Our chocolate have exceptionally low sugars as we use Organic coconut flower nectar in our recipes. It is delightfully smooth, bursting with many different flavours. Our chocolate recipe is simple and perfect. Our signature blend is 70% cacao.

let your tastes buds travel

Made by hand, right here in Ontario, Canada

Thank you so much for visiting us today; 

Virtual hugs from our Family to yours.....”

- Deanna & Ann


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