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AWKI Divvy fine 65% dark chocolate coins, Ecuador

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Made in Ecuador by AWKI


Cacao paste, cacao sugar, non refined sugar 


Handcrafted artisan gourmet chocolate. 

Each coin contains a beautiful picture depicting an ancient Ecuadorian god.


From Nathalia, with AWKI, “We work with an association of small producers called UNOCACE and also with individual small producers like Mr Garcés who is located in "La Bramadora" a small town in Manabí Province.

Our mission is basically using chocolate as a tool for driving change in our societies and communities. Thus we are working on projects to empower women that work in cacao or are related to Cacao in order to ensure gender equalty and decrease gender violence within the cacao communities because that is a problem that is seen where women depend economically on the cacao-producing men and therefore situations like inequality and violence happens.

So we are working on projects so these women can get economically independent using the leftovers of cacao and the seasonal fruits that get wasted normally.

Then within our manufacturing process we employ people from collectives that are generally excluded like refugees, lgbti, single mothers, etc.

The third one is protecting the chocolate consumers, the chocolate lovers, by providing a high nutritional value chocolate, which is artisan made and has everything natural inside. No artificial flavoring, no essences, no conservatives. We use the natural fruit chunks in a freeze-dried form and dried medicinal herbs so we can create de desirable effects.

Like Energizing, Relaxing, Mood Enhancing, Nourishing, etc.

Finally the 4th of our pillars is to protect the environment by using a 100% compostable packaging made out of waste of products like corn, orange or others.   We are working on a project to be able to make paper out of the cacao husk so we can also close the circle.”


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