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2024 SPRING COLLECTION Luisa Abram 42% milk Amazonian wild cacao

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LUISA ABRAM, São Paulo, Brazil

Tree to bar chocolate 

“This chocolate bar is made with extremely rare cacao that grows spontaneously in different regions of the Amazon Rainforest (wild cacao) and is harvested by riverside communities that preserve the fruit's native trees. This milk chocolate contains 42% wild cacao-content. Balanced and extremely creamy, it melts smooth and easy. You can not only taste but clearly feel the flavors of wild cacao in a perfect and delicious mix.”


Powdered milk, Amazonian cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, wild cocoa mass and sunflower lecithin.

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Family-run business based in São Paulo, Brazil. Founded in 2014. Luisa Abram and family work with riverside communities to collect wild-foraged cacao from the rainforests and floodplains of the Amazon river.


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