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2024 SPRING COLLECTION Luisa Abram carmelized white chocolate, Brazil

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LUISA ABRAM, São Paulo, Brazil

Tree to bar chocolate 


“White Chocolate with just 3 ingredients: i) a large amount of unadulterated cocoa butter (practically double most other White Chocolates) reflecting its true color (a rich golden flax); ii) a selectively-sourced premium full milk powder (re: extra-creamy); & ili) a modest sprinkling of sugar (about the same as our Dark 70% cacao-content bars). A real Great White with personality that balances sweetness & super creaminess.”


 Amazonian cacao butter, powdered milk and organic cane sugar 

* allergy information: gluten-free, contains milk, made in a facility that handles nuts


Family-run business based in São Paulo, Brazil. Founded in 2014. Luisa Abram and family work with riverside communities to collect wild-foraged cacao from the rainforests and floodplains of the Amazon river.


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