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Milk & Dark Chocolate Subscription

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This collection is for those who love a variety of incredibly made chocolate! It comes with a mix of milk and dark chocolate, and sometimes white chocolate too! 

I’m more than happy to customize your subscription and take into account your chocolate preferences and any dietary needs. 


*The milk+dark collection*

The Chocolate:

✨Fruition Spring salted dark milk chocolate bar

✨Any variety of milk chocolate from my shop 

✨Any variety of dark chocolate from my shop 

✨Any variety of dark chocolate from my shop 

 🤩 AND: when you enroll in a subscription on my website ✨✨✨the first month comes with an additional free surprise chocolate bar or item! 

🔆AND I’m HAPPY to customize it for you…For customizations, message me here on my website, or text me personally at 859-312-2764, or send me a DM on Instagram @SeekChocolateShop.

Just make sure to message me *before* your order processes, or within 24 hours after you place your first subscription order! :-) It’s that easy!

Seek Chocolate Shop Subscriptions:

Support conscious chocolate companies that are ethically and transparently sourcing cacao from farms and elevating the lives of cacao farmers! 

You are in the right place!  My goal is to seek out companies who care and I am pursuing ethical chocolate with the goal to empower cacao farmers! When you enroll in a subscription, you become a partner in this effort to Empower Cacao farmers! And how amazing that you also get to enjoy amazing chocolate!

Subscribing to a seek Chocolate Shop subscription will help you enjoy amazing chocolate AND make a powerful impact in the lives of many people throughout the world!

SEEK subscriptions are available anywhere in the continental USA!

Sign up for delicious and ethically sourced chocolate delivered to your home monthly.

Receive 4 unique chocolate items each month (or choose every 2 or 3 months)! If the weather is hot where shipped, I include ice packs to help prevent the chocolate from melting. 

Want to create your own custom subscription? That’s also possible!  Just message me and we can figure out what works best for YOU!

Sign up TODAY! 

🔆Tye Marie, owner & founder

Seek Chocolate Shop

Pursue ethical chocolate 🍫 

*in the event that I become out of stock of any of the above specific chocolate items, I will replace them with a chocolate item of equal value and will attempt to contact you to see if the replacement is acceptable. If I don’t hear back within 24 hours, I will ship the chocolate with the replacement.

Note: I do my best to source delicious chocolate from conscious companies. Rest assured that I research companies and only add companies that I believe really are doing their best to empower cacao farmers. If I find that companies are not transparent about their sourcing or do not disclose enough, I eliminate those companies from my chocolate shop. I am on a journey to seek out the best companies so cacao farmers are truly empowered.  And my husband Kyle and I are partnering with cacao farmers and learning to make our own bean to bar chocolate.  We hope someday you will be enjoying our craft ethical chocolate as well. Thank you so much for supporting this cause! Each and every chocolate purchase makes a difference!



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